$1,015,435 $115,664 $114,277 $25,952 $194,666 $314,422 $47,655 $27,465 $175,334



EPILEPSY AKC CHF (02133): Canine Epilepsy: Genetic Variants, Biomarkers, and New Therapies - in the amount of
BLOAT To compare diaphragmatic motion in dogs that have recovered from GDV surgery to dogs of the same
breeds/ages that have not suffered from GDV using fluoroscopy and ultrasonography.  We hypothesize that
diaphragmatic abnormalities in GDV dogs, indicative of denervation, will be identified, $3,888
AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE To continue the work on the genetics of dermatomyositis by Dr. Leigh Ann Clark of Clemson University in the
amount of $30,819.
CEA 32/$1,600
MDR-1 - 73/$1,360
Cyclic Neutropenia 30/$1,500
PRA 28/$1,400

Total $5,960
OTHER - AKC CHF (02138): Development of Accurate Diagnostic Tests for Canine Hypothyroidism - in the amount of
- AKC CHF (01822): Beyond the Genome: The Intersection of Genes and the Environment in Canine Cancer -
in the amount of $1,000
- AKC CHF (01849): Filling the Gaps in the Canine Genome – in the amount of $3,000
- AKC CHF (01840): Health Implications of Early Spay/Neuter on Canine Health - in the amount of $3,500
- AKC CHF (02118-A): Targeting the Mechanism of Bacterial Adherence during Pyometra to Develop an
Effective, Non-Invasive Treatment for Disease - in the amount of $2,000
- AKC CHF (02107): Landmark Clinical Trial to Establish the Evidence-Based Use of Regenerative Medicine to
Treat Tendon Injury in Dogs - in the amount of $1,500
- AKC CHF (01985): Defining Novel Drug Targets to Treat Chronic and Neuropathic Pain in the Dog - in the
amount of $2,000
2014 $104,726  


EPILEPSY Epilepsy Initiative - Joined the AKC Canine Health Foundation's Epilepsy Initiative as a Champion
Sponsor $50,000
AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE Pilot Trial of Autogenious Stem Cell Treatment of Dermatomyositis - Tufts Dr. Ferrer $18,000
JRD Discontinued
PRA 29/$1,450
MDR-1 130/$2,600
CEA 12/$600
Cyclic Neutropenia 12/$600

Total $5,250
OTHER - Defining the Genetic Basis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (AKC CHF) $3,000
- Profiling the Metabolic and Lipid Imbalances that are Causitive of Gallbladder Disease in Dogs
(AKC CHF) $4,000
- Mapping of Genetic Risk Factors for Canine Hip Dysplasia (AKC CHF) $5,000
- Defining Novel Drug Targets to Treat Chronic and Neuropathic Pain in the Dog (AKC CHF) $5,000
- WSU Grant - To Develop a Cell Culture Based Method of Screening Drugs to Determine Whether or
Not They are P-go Substrates $19,726
2013 $26,430  


JRD 14/$456
PRA 83/$4,150
MDR-1 92/$1,840
CEA 39/$1,950

Total $8,396
OTHER - Identification and Validation of the Genes that Define Abnormal Development of the Kidney in Dogs
(AKC CHF) $7,500
- Treatment of Urinary Incontinence with Multipotent Muscle Cells (AKC CHF) $5,000
- Filling the Gaps in the Canine Genome (AKC CHF) $3,000
- DLA Research Grant:  Investigation of Diversity at the Dog Leukocyte Antigen Class II Loci in American and
International Collies $10,930
2012 $68,940  


EPILEPSY Identifying Epilepsy causing mutation (AKC CHF) $2000         
Identification of Idiopathic Epilepsy Genes in Australian Shepherds (AKC CHF) $2,500
BLOAT Bloat Initiative:  Joined the AKC Canine Health Foundation's Bloat Initiative as a Champion Sponsor $50,000
AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE Apsosis-Not Just Nucleated Cells:  The Contribution of Programmed Cell Death to Red Cell Destruction in Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (AKC CHF) $1,000
CANCER Isolation and Characterization of Tumor Initiating Cells in Canine Osteosarcoma Cell Lines (AKC CHF) $1,000
JRD 20/$609
PRA 145/$7,250

Total $7,259
OTHER - Sequencing and Functional Analysis of the Canine Y Chromosomes (AKC CHF) $2,500
- Urinary Incontinence Study:  Extension of Grant too Add More Dogs to the Study $3,600
- Polyneuopathy Study - The Use of Skin Punch Biopsy to Diagnose Polyneuropathy $5,340
- Plasma Cortisol Concentrations in Dogs with Pituitary Dependent Hyper-adrenalcorticism & Atypical Cushing Syndrome (AKC CHF) $1,000
2011 $19,820  
  BLOAT $5,000 DOGenes: Candidate gene analysis for Gastric Dilatation - Volvulus
OTHER $14,820 GnRH Immunization for the Treatment of Urinary Incontinence in Spayed Bitches
Researcher: Dr Michelle Kutzler, DVM, PhD, DACT and Dr Timothy Hazzard, DVM Ph
Institution: Oregon State University
2010 $150,954  
  BLOAT $20,976
Clinical Evaluation of NOTES Gastropexy as a Prophylactic Procedure for Prevention of Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus in Collie Dogs
Purdue University
Dr. Lynetta Freeman
AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE $119,978 Collie whole-genome sequence and genome-wide association studies Assemble full-genome, high-
resolution sequence data using pooled DNA from genetically diverse Collies. Completely sequencing the
Collie genome will allow for the identification of DNA sequence variations and other polymorphisms that make
the breed unique. Leigh Anne Clark, PhD, Clemson University
OTHER $10,000 Identification of a VWD (von WIllebrands Disease) causal mutation and development of a direct
DNA test - Dr. George Brewer & Robert H. Loechel, MS.
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