About the Collie Health Foundation

The Collie Health Foundation’s mission is to fund research medical
projects that will benefit the future health of the Collie, and to educate
the public and Collie breeders about health issues.
“News Flash”
CHF is now over 1 MILLION DOLLARS in grant funds issued!!


In 1986, the Collie Club Of America established the Collie Club Of America Foundation, Inc. The concept for this organization was conceived by the late R.L. Rickenbaugh, a longtime breeder, along with his wife Hilda, of the Bannerblu Collies. With the Collie Club of America’s assistance and cooperation, the reality of the organization was set into motion.

The benefits would be two-fold. Not only would it provide tax deductions for potential donors, but it would result in additional income to the club, for some very worthwhile causes. Previously, the Collie Club of America was only able to give limited support for collie medical research and related activities. Health problems, such as Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Bloat, Epilepsy, skin disorders, Dermatomyositis (DMS) and Grey Collie Syndrome, that can affect the collie breed, need significant funding if they are ever to be conquered. Thus, the Foundation was born, with the primary function of addressing the breed’s major health problems. Its main purpose is to issue grants to worthwhile organizations for research in breeding, genetics and health issues of all dogs, with the primary emphasis on Veterinary research as it relates directly to the Collie. So far, the Foundation has given grants to the following areas of research: Bloat, Grey Collie, Epilepsy, eye diseases (most notably PRA), DMS and many other health related problems. The very important message of the Foundation is funding research and education.

It is an “IRS 501(c)3 non-profit” corporation that receives its funds through membership donations, fund-raising activities and other contributions such as $1 from every CCA member’s dues. The larger the Foundation’s membership becomes, the more generous its grants for research can be. In essence, the Foundation has filled a large void, as prior to its establishment, the club’s commitment to medical research was very limited. Many other breed clubs, including the American Kennel Club, have followed suit and established their own Health Foundations (AKC/CHF), using the CHF as the role model. The Collie Club of America was and is a leader in this area.

On December 17, 2002 the organization changed it’s name from the Collie Club of America Foundation to the Collie Health Foundation in order to give the Foundation a unique identity separate from the Collie Club of America and more clearly represent our mission.

Purpose and Goals

The specific purposes and objectives of the Foundation shall include but not be limited to the following:

(1) To foster and promote the public’s knowledge and appreciation of dogs in general and collies in particular.

(2) To further understanding of the diseases, defects, injuries and other ailments that afflict dogs in general and collies in particular.

(3) To support and promote the study of and research on the history, character, varieties, breeding genetics and particular health problems of collies.

(4) To establish a national data base of resource materials about collies.

(5) To produce, publish and distribute to the general public educational materials about the proper care, treatment, breeding, health, development and training of collies.