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The Collie Health Foundation is delighted to announce the creation of a YouTube channel! First up – Dr. Leigh Anne Clark Presentation on Dermatomyositis & Interpreting Risk Assessment Results, from March 29, 2018 at the Collie National in Virginia Beach. Special thanks to Irv and June Krukenkamp, Show Dog Video Pros, for capturing this presentation in such quality and making it possible to share with all!

Optimal Selection (TM) Canine Genetic Breeding Analysis

The Optimal Selection (TM) panel tests for over 180 different genetic health markers, 20 different traits, and genetic diversity.  Most of these tests have nothing to do with our Collie Breed.  The exciting news is that this tests covers 7 health test and traits that are very important for Collies and the people that breed them.  Here are the pertinent tests:

  • MDR1 – MultiDrug Resistance (Licensed by Washington State University – VetMed)
  • CCN – Canine Cyclic Neutropenia – Grey Collie
  • DM – Degenerative Myelopathy
  • CEA – Collie Eye Anomaly –  (MARS purchased OptiGen in 2018 and owns the rights to the testing method)
  • Coat  Trait – Length ( Rough factored Smooth)
  • Color Traits – Color and Patterns including Merle
  • GENETIC DIVERSITY  –  “The Breeders Tool Box”
    •   Diversity of the individual dog tested
    •   Diversity of the overall breed population
    •   Diversity of the overall breed population compared to the diversity of other related breed populations

Testing organization: MARS, Wisdom Health
Regular Price: $129.99 – Add CEA at 20 Euros or approximately $25 – total $154.99
Subsidy: $50  – Wisdom Health Discount 15% – Bringing Your Cost to $60.50
Test Ordering Instructions: You must apply for a 1 time use code that you will use when ordering the test – Email –
Method of Testing – Cheek Swabs

Optimal Selection Canin Genetic Breed Analysis


Dermatomyositis (DMS) Risk Assessment

Dermatomyositis (DMS) is a hereditary condition of the skin and muscle, resulting from an unknown inflammatory process. This can present most commonly with hair loss, redness, scaling, crust formation, and vesicles (a type of red bump or bubble on the skin). Some dogs may also suffer from myosotis, an inflammation of muscle. This can result in a loss of muscle, and in severe cases may affect drinking, swallowing and eating.


Canine Cyclic Neutropenia (Gray Collie Syndrome):

Included in the Optimal Selection(tm) Canine Genetic Breeding Analysis Test

Cyclic Neutropenia (CN) is a recessive stem cell disorder that affects both smooth and rough collies. Also known as Cyclic Hematopoiesis or “Gray Collie Syndrome,” dogs affected by Cyclic Neutropenia appear visibly lighter than non-affected littermates – even from puppies with the Merle coloration.

Cyclic Neutropenia is a disease that affects the neutrophils of a dog, which are an integral part of the dog’s immune system. Every 10-12 days, the dog will experience a dramatic drop in the number of neutrophils circulating through his blood stream, leaving him extremely susceptible to infections. The dog will often experience diarrhea, fever, joint pain or other symptoms associated with eye, respiratory, or skin infections. Bleeding episodes can also occur. Unfortunately, most affected dogs will die as puppies, and even with the best care, the dog will not likely live past 2-3 years of age.

Gray Collie Syndrome is an autosomal recessive mutation, meaning that a dog must have two copies of the mutation in order to display the signs and symptoms associated with this disorder. This also means that a parent can be a carrier of this disorder but not show any signs. A dog that carries the mutation can pass on either the normal or mutant allele to any offspring. Therefore, if two carriers produce a litter of pups, there is a 1 in 4, or 25% chance that an offspring will be affected by the disorder. Additionally, 50% of the pups will be carriers and 25% will be clear.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-rcd2)

The PRA test (rod-cone dysplasia Type 2 ) is available through GeneSeeks. The normal price for this test is $130 per dog. As an incentive to test, the Collie Health Foundation will offer to Collie Health Foundation members a Subsidy of $?? This special pricing will remain in effect until 12/31/??.

Wisdom Health will be partnering with the CHF and offering a ??% discount on PRA-rcd2 tests throughout 20??. Price for one test is $130. If DMS and PRA testing is done together, price is $?? per test. After CHF member subsidy, it brings the cost down to $?? for one test or $?? each for two tests. The code should be used through the end of 20??.  NOTE: REBATES ARE FOR ROUGH AND SMOOTH COLLIES ONLY & CHF Members & the Dogs they Own

DNA for this test can be gathered using a cheek swab, blood, or semen. The rcd2 mutation causes abnormal development (Dysplasia) of the cones and rods (the light sensitive cells in the eye) which leads to an early onset of night blindness that is readily apparent by the time the pup is 6 weeks of age. In most cases, the rcd2-affected dog is completely blind by one year of age.


More information on this disorder can be found by going to Health Issues, Articles on our website for more information on this disease.

Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA)

Collie Eye Anomaly is a recessively inherited eye disorder that causes abnormal development of the choroid – an important layer of tissue under the retina of the eye. The CEA test is available through the Optimal Selection(tm) Panel test as an add on test after you have received your results.  The normal price for this test including CEA is approximately $155 per dog. The Collie Health Foundation will offer a $50 subsidy per test and Wisdom Health offers our members a 15% discount on the $130 panel test.  The CEA test can be purchased for an additional 20 Euros or $25 after you receive your results.  This special pricing, with no limits, will remain in effect until 12/31/20.

DNA for this test can be gathered using a cheek swab.

Multi-Drug Resistant gene (MDR1)

MDR1 is a multidrug sensitivity including antiparasitics, anticancer agents, environmental pesticides and others, which can cause severe reactions, even death, in some Collies. The discovery of the mutation of the multi-drug resistant gene (MDR1), establishment of testing procedures, and development of all reagents was made by Washington State University.  WSU recently licensed Wisdom Health and their Optimal Selection(tm) test for MDR1 testing.  CHF knows suggest all breeders use the Optimal Selection Test, because of all of the tests include genetic diversity that are offered.  Collie owners who will not be breeding, members with rescue dogs will still be able to test through WSU and receive the $?? rebate

New Pricing on MDR1 testing:
$60 per test when paid online.  CHF offers a rebate of $?? per test to CHF Members when testing through Washington State University. This brings the price down to $?? after rebate. Remember, only WSU, VCPL (Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology LAB), has the patent on testing for the MDR1 gene. The rebate remains in effect until 12/31/??. Please go to Research and Testing for links to testing.  NOTE: REBATES ARE FOR ROUGH AND SMOOTH COLLIES ONLY & CHF Members & the Dogs They Own

For more information, go to the Washington State website:

DNA for this test is gathered using a cheek swab. More information on this disorder can be found by going to Health Issues, Articles on our website for more information on this disease.