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Hello Collie Enthusiast:

How many beautiful puppies have you placed due to Colobomas? The current research for a genetic marker for colobomas is in full swing, BUT additional blood samples from two groups of Collies are still needed.

Group 1: Requirements for the first group are Collies that have had a clinical diagnosis by a registered canine Ophthalmologist of choroidal hypoplasia CEA only (no coloboma) and are affected as shown by the genetic CEA DNA test.

Group 2 are Collies that have had a clinical diagnosis by a registered canine Ophthalmologist of choroidal hypoplasia (CEA) WITH Coloboma and/or detached retina and are affected as shown by the genetic CEA DNA test.

Each sample must include the sample submission form, your Collie’s 5-6 generation pedigree, the certificate of the physical CEA examination by the registered canine ophthalmologist, and results from the genetic CEA DNA test from either OptiGen or Wisdom Health.
Your participation in this research will positively impact the quality of life for our Collies not only now but for generations to come. Please ship either UPS or FedEx overnight or next day Monday-Wednesday is preferable. Avoid shipping on Friday or Saturday due to shipping issues.
This link takes you to the actual submission form which includes what is needed and how to ship your samples:

Think of the positive impact this genetic marker will have on our breed:
• Fewer Collies will have colobomas.
• You will have more puppies in each litter from which to make your ultimate show quality selection.
• With a larger number of puppies now able to remain in the gene pool, our breed diversity will increase with greater selection of puppies carrying those coveted virtues we strive to perpetuate.

There is no ultimate cost for you to participate in this crucial research breakthrough. The Collie Health Foundation will reimburse your costs upon receipt of associated expenses related to a genetic CEA test, blood draw, and submission of sample which includes shipping. Please keep all associated receipts and submit them together to: Karen Anderson, P.O Box 1681, Atascadero, CA, 93423,
Participation is anonymous.

You have a great opportunity to be part of this worthy project. Each person can make a difference; I hope you choose to be part of making that difference. We have crushed PRA, let’s do the same with Colobomas! On behalf of all Collies, thank you.
Patt Caldwell, Chairperson – CCA Breed Education, Member – CHF Educational & Grant Sample Committee
Questions? Contact – Patt Caldwell or Pat Jung

2022 Subsidies

After a great deal of discussion during our Board of Directors Zoom meeting and review of our financial statements for 2020 and review of our financial commitments already in place for 2021 grants, the Board has decided that we cannot offer any additional subsidies at this time. We have worked with Wisdom Health to get a 15% discount on the cost of testing. This discount is available to CHF members with purebred rough and smooth collies only and will be available through a code/link obtained from the Assistant Treasurer. This 15% will still reduce your costs for Optimal Selection, DMS, and PRA testing. We are hoping that 2022 will be a better year and in the future we will once again be able to offer some form of subsidy to help our members with health testing.

YouTube Channel

The Collie Health Foundation is delighted to announce the creation of a YouTube channel! First up – Dr. Leigh Anne Clark Presentation on Dermatomyositis & Interpreting Risk Assessment Results, from March 29, 2018 at the Collie National in Virginia Beach. Special thanks to Irv and June Krukenkamp, Show Dog Video Pros, for capturing this presentation in such quality and making it possible to share with all!


Now Available on the CHF YouTube Channel “Inherited Eye Disease Relevant to the Collie”

This seminar would have been presented through the Breed’s Education Committee at the 2020 Syracuse National.  We are thrilled that this seminar will go forward with Breed Ed and the great collaboration that the Collie Health Foundation has with Wisdom Heath.

Here is the link for the first Webinar with Sue Pierce Kelling – Optimal Selection – Wellness Health: “Inherited Eye Disease Relevant to the Collie,” I will make sure to get this out to CCA members through constant contact. I will also personally send the information to those who did originally sign up for the seminar.

“Inherited Eye Disease Relevant to the Collie,”

YouTube Channel

Thank you by our hosts Dr. Knox and Patt Caldwell.

Casey Knox, DVM
Translational Veterinary Health Manager
Wisdom Health

Patt Caldwell
MAEL, MSEd Reading Specialist
Member: Collie Club of America, Collie Health Foundation,
Chairperson: Breed Education – Collie Club of America
Central States Collie Club, Chicago Collie Club, Collie Club of Austin