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  • 2021 AKC CHF Parent Club ConferenceImmunology, Allergy, Aging and NutritionEbenezer Satyara, PhDS Today, aging and stress are major causes of immune challenges in otherwise healthy animals and humans. Unlike immune deficiency caused by malnutrition, immune deficiencies due to life-stage and stress need a comprehensive strategy and cannot be addressed simply by correcting nutritional problems. Lowered [...]

    Published On: February 20th, 2022Categories: Canine Health Conference
  • The Collie Health Foundation has had an extraordinarily long and strong working relationship with OptiGen Labs.  After OptiGen was purchased by Wisdom Health, a division of MARS, I was extremely worried.  I was able to talk with Sue Pearce Kelling not to long after the announcement was made, Sue set up a time where [...]

    Published On: August 10th, 2021Categories: Testing
  • Part I – Where to Test (AKA the Lab) Not all labs are alike.   Until we have universal standards, you as the breeder need to rely on someone you trust to tell you what testing agency might be right for your breed of dog.  Consider the following: You are getting ready to breed Lassie [...]

    Published On: August 10th, 2021Categories: Testing
  • You Think Figuring Out Health Testing is Too Hard? I have heard a lot of complaints lately about how difficult it is to figure out heath testing and applying for subsidies. I was really taken aback by this. Since the Collie Health foundation has multiple purposes, and one is education, this hit me hard. When [...]

    Published On: August 10th, 2021Categories: Testing
  • YouTube Video - Rediscovered video of the first CHF Gathering at Sunnybank Click the CC on the bottom right for Closed Captioning once you start the video.

    Published On: August 5th, 2019Categories: Sunnybank
  • Collaborating on the Greatest Needs in Canine Health 11/01/2018 Author: Sharon M. Albright, DVM CCRT The AKC Canine Health Foundation’s vision is to address the health needs of all dogs across their entire lifetime by focusing on their physical, mental, and social well-being. That’s a lot of science to cover! So how does AKC Canine [...]

    Published On: May 3rd, 2019Categories: About CHF, Canine Health Conference
  • AKC CHF Parent Club Meeting 2017 Genetic Predisposition to Infection by Dr. Urs Giger Abstract: Dogs with antimicrobial resistant, unresponsive, or unusual infections are due to a primary hereditary immunodeficiency disorder. The microbial host defense can be weakened by secondary or acquired diseases (injury, endocrinopathy, cancer or co-infection) or primary inherited disorders that affect [...]

    Published On: November 20th, 2017Categories: Canine Health Conference, Dermatomyosis
  • AKC CHF Fights Bloat in Dogs RALEIGH, N.C. (January 15, 2013) – The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) announces today a major effort underway to tackle the devastating condition commonly known as bloat. The Bloat Initiative will address the need for both education and research. Gastric dilatation –volvulus, or bloat -- is a devastating [...]

    Published On: August 21st, 2017Categories: Announcement, Bloat, Canine Health Conference
  • Report on the 2015 AKC Canine Health Foundation National Parent Club Canine Health Conference - Dr. Nancy Kelso, Chairman, Collie Health Foundation Grants Committee A repeated message repeated throughout the conference was of one health: what we discover in veterinary medicine can often directly relate to human medicine. 1. Stem Cell (SC) Therapy for [...]

    Published On: August 17th, 2017Categories: Canine Health Conference