Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus


GASTRIC DILATATION AND VOLVULUS, By Cindi Bossart, VMD Gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV) is an acute life-threatening disorder in dogs. It is considered a medical/surgical emergency. The earlier this disorder is recognized and treated, the better the chance of survival. Gastric dilatation begins with distention of the stomach primarily with air, but the distention may [...]

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DM Familial Canine Dermatomyositis: a Breeder’s Nightmare


Familial Canine Dermatomyositis: a Breeder’s Nightmare, Nancy Kelso, D.V.M. Dermatomyositis is a frightening disease, which seems to appear out of no where. It hurts the breeder, the pet owner, and most importantly, the dog. All collie fanciers should understand this disease, what is known and what is not, and take steps to eliminate this disease [...]

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An Explanation of Eye Disease


AN EXPLANATION OF EYE DISEASE by Gayle Kaye, edited by Nancy M Bromberg, VMD, MS, DACVO Like people, Dogs are subject to a large number of inherited eye diseases. There are two which can seriously affect a Collies eyes and should be of concern to all breeders. COLLIE EYE ANOMALY This is the most common [...]

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The Interceptor Shortage


The Interceptor Shortage – Today… Nancy Kelso, D.V.M Interceptor seems to have disappeared from the market completely. Sentinel (Interceptor and Program, a flea growth regulator) is now available. The main ingredient in Interceptor (milbemycin) is also available in Comboguard and Trifexis, with a flea prevention product, too, but no one is currently manufacturing milbemycin alone. [...]

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AKC CHF Fights Bloat in Dogs


RALEIGH, N.C. (January 15, 2013) – The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) announces today a major effort underway to tackle the devastating condition commonly known as bloat. The Bloat Initiative will address the need for both education and research. Gastric dilatation –volvulus, or bloat -- is a devastating condition that can develop in any dog, [...]

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Variations in Collie Color


COLLIE KALEIDOSCOPE, Variations in Collie Color... Kathy V. Moll, Deep River Collies. CCA Breed Education Guest Writer Introduction: Armed with new research information to read suggested to me by my friend Dr. Leigh Anne Clark, we’ll be doing double duty in this article. It will be both a refresher on what we published five years [...]

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2015 Report AKC Canine Health Foundation


Report on the 2015 AKC Canine Health Foundation National Parent Club Canine Health Conference - Dr. Nancy Kelso, Chairman, Collie Health Foundation Grants Committee A repeated message repeated throughout the conference was of one health: what we discover in veterinary medicine can often directly relate to human medicine. 1. Stem Cell (SC) Therapy for Supraspinatous [...]

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Canine Renal Dysplasia


CANINE RENAL DYSPLASIA, What you need to know. By: Mary H. Whiteley, PhD, DOGenes Inc What is Renal Dysplasia? Renal dysplasia (RD) is a medical term that refers to improper development of the kidneys. This condition can be inherited (genetic) or acquired. The genetic form of this disease is found in many breeds, and has [...]

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The Story Behind The Collie Health Foundation Logo


Since The Foundation’s inception in 1986, each year has brought growth and change. One of the most recent changes, is the revision of our name from The Collie Club of America Foundation to The Collie Health Foundation. The former name caused some confusion and the erroneous assumption that The Foundation was a part of the [...]

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Collie Health Foundation

The Collie Health Foundation’s mission is to fund research medical projects that will benefit the future health of the Collie, and to educate the public and Collie breeders about health issues.

Collie Health Foundation Name

On December 17, 2002 the organization changed it’s name from the Collie Club of America Foundation to the Collie Health Foundation in order to give the Foundation a unique identity separate from the Collie Club of America and more clearly represent our mission.

Collie Health Foundation Logo

Our new logo was generously donated by Diana Hiesilieu. There is a story behind this new logo, a story about a Collie we bred and had the extreme privilege of knowing – A Collie by the name of Noah…Read More!