Committees and Chairpersons


Nancy McDonald –

Auction – Evening and Dinner Coordinator 2022:

Susan Hernquist, Chair –
David Hansen, DVM – Auctioneer
Bob Myers – Spotter
Tammy Russell-Rice – Set Up
Gayle Stepanik – Set Up

Auction – Night Auction Catalog:

Pati Merrill
Mary Hunter

Auction – Day of and Coordinator:

Rayleen Hendrix

Auction – Volunteer Scheduling:

Pati Merrill –

Educational & Grant Sample Submission Committee:

Pat Jung Chair –
Patt Caldwell
Isabel Ososki

Educational Seminar Grants:

Patt Caldwell –

Election Committee:

Lori Montero, Chair
Steve Johns
Bob Myers

Executive Committee:

President: Robette Johns
Vice President: Pati Merrill
Vice President: Chandra Flaim
Secretary: Patt Caldwell
Treasurer: Karen Anderson

Financial and Auction Donation Appreciation:

Terry Kuhn –

Gathering at Sunnybank:

Pati Merrill & Nancy McDonald – Chairs –
Northern New Jersey Collie Club Volunteers


Nancy Kelso, DVM – Chair –
Mary Benedict
William Broken, M.D.
Sue Floyd, VMD
Krista Hansen
Hildy Morgan
Ginny White
Secretary – Jenny Satyavelu

Health Survey:

Patt Caldwell –

Investment Committee:

Karen Anderson – Chair –
Robette Johns –
Steve Johns –


Johanna Lance – Chair –


Mary Hunter – Chair –

Nominating Committee:

Pati Merrill, Chair
Mary Ann Campbell
Gayle Kaye
Terry Kuhn
Eva Marie Taylor

Operations Manual:

Ginny White – Chair


Chandra Flaim (West) – Chair – (307) 221-5776 –
Jean Framke – 708 632-7407 –

Research Sample Submission Reimbursement & DNA Banking Reimbursements:

Isabel Ososki – Testing Coordinator –

Volunteer Information:

Pat Jung –

Website Liaisons:

Roxane Jourdain –
Sue Webber –