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CHIC DNA Banking Project

Sponsored by the Collie Health Foundation, Inc.
Calling all Collies!

The CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) DNA Repository is a DNA banking project sponsored by AKC/Canine Health Foundation and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Contributing to this project will be one of the most important things you can do to preserve the future of the Collie breed. With the gene pool of all purebred dogs shrinking, breeders need to make health testing the cornerstone of their breeding program. With your help, we will have a DNA bank that all approved researchers will have access to when they need samples for genetic research projects. As a donor, you will have access to your dog’s DNA when new tests become available. By banking blood samples, DNA will be extracted from the blood and then held at the University of Missouri. OFA believes this process will preserve the DNA forever. Please be a part of helping CHF and AKC/CHF researchers find genetic markers for bloat, epilepsy, cancer, and so many other health issues. Having samples available when new research studies become available will cut down the time for samples to be made available to researchers and lead to positive conclusions much faster.

  • CHF will pay the $20 CHIC DNA Banking Fee for all Collies
  • CHF will reimburse (with receipts) up to $125 for collection and shipping costs. Please do multiple dogs at a time to keep these costs under control. You are welcome to send healthy dogs in at the same time to be part of the control group.
  • CHF will aim to sponsor a DNA collection clinic at the Collie Club of America National Specialty Show. This will be co‐sponsored by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and the American Kennel Club/Canine Health Foundation.

For more information on this important banking project, see the CHIC DNA Repository Website.

NOTE: This is not the same as CHIC Certification. This is a separate program run by CHIC.

Collies to be Banked Immediately

  • Collies with genetic health issues and cancers.
  • Veterans over 7 years old.
  • Collies related to dogs with genetic health issues.
  • If you must euthanize your Collie, please let him/her be an important part of the
    future of preserving the Collie Breed. We know this will be difficult but every Collie counts.
  • All Collies!

How to Bank Your Collie

  1. Visit the CHIC DNA Repository Website
  2. Click on this link and read: Instructions for submission via DNA Blood Samples.
  3. Download the DNA Banking application, CHIC health survey and CHF Supplemental Health survey
    from the Collie Health Foundation website >>here<<
  4. Fill out a separate application for every Collie you are banking.
  5. Check Blood Collection Kit on the application.
  6. Under payment, write in Collie Health Foundation.
  7. Mail application to: CHIC DNA Repository 2300 E Nifong Blvd, Columbia, MO 65201‐3806, or
    Email the application to: or
    Fax application to: (573)875‐5073.
  8. Talk to your veterinarian about participating in DNA banking. Most veterinarians will give you a cost break to draw the blood. They can use the vet tech to do this. One vet has offered to collect blood on five collies for $25 total. Shipping will be additional.
  9. As soon as you receive the information and labels for the purple topped tubes, make an appointment with your veterinarian. Now, find out if your vet will ship the blood overnight for you and charge you the shipping costs. Most vets are already setup to do this, and it will make it easier for you. If they can’t or won’t, the blood must be shipped overnight with ice packs. Please wrap the tubes of blood with bubble wrap or something similar to protect them from breakage in shipment. Use a zipped baggie to put your health surveys and paperwork to keep them dry. When declaring the contents of your package, put “Canine DNA” not blood. Some shippers will charge an additional hazardous material charge for the shipment if you say it’s blood.
  10. Fill out both health surveys: the CHIC survey and the supplemental Collie Health Foundation health survey. When we are asking about genetic tests, we are looking for testing by blood or swabs that have been done by respected labs for Collies. Genetic tests from labs that run multiple DNA panels at one time should not be used. These may not be accurate. These low-cost panels were created by some labs for profit and to take advantage of the pet population. These results are not certified and could skew further research. If you are a breeder, these panel tests are worthless for your breeding stock. For help with filling out the health surveys, ask your vet, or contact CHF at or if you have questions. The health surveys should be turned in at the time when the blood is shipped.

Reimbursement procedure:

Scan or copy your receipts and email them to CHF testing coordinator or fill out the form below. Remember, please bank as many Collies as you can at one time to save the Collie Health Foundation additional shipping costs. Blood samples need to be shipped overnight and kept cool while in transit. The CHF Board voted to reimburse up to $125 per DNA collection and shipping when receipts are presented.

Please update your Collie’s health if something changes. This will be very important for future research. You do not need to report a death to CHIC unless it is due to a health issue that was not previously reported. Please report health updates to either of the following email addresses:

Note that the CHIC DNA Banking initiative is NOT the same as CHIC certification.

CHIC DNA Banking Expenses Reimbursement form