Gathering at Sunnybank Videos

CHF First Gathering

Rediscovered video of the first Collie Health Foundation Gathering at Sunnybank Terhune Park, Wayne New Jersey in 1997. Claire Leishman donated a large part of her Sunnybank/Terhune collection to the Wayne museum and shares her experiences and history of saving the park. With Marilyn Horowitz and Pati Merrill.


Gerrie Oliver provides and overview of the activities scheduled during the Virtual Sunnybank 2020.

2020 Sunnybank Walking Tour – Kathy George

Kat MacMurray “A King from Queens; The Astoria Story”

Enjoy Kat MacMurray’s wonderful tale of Bruce … and one of his adventures. From an original presentation for the Collie Health Foundation’s Virtual Sunnybank 2020 event.

Collie Health Foundation Virtual Sunnybank 2020 – Krissy Marshall Presentation

“Building on Bruce: A Faultless Foundation”

2020 Sunnybank Memorial

“The Literary Bruce; A Character Without a Fault” – Kathy George

Sunnybank 2020 Education

Evaluation of Collie puppy litter by GCh. Creekwood Lochlomun I’ll Be D’amned x GCh. Sunnland’s Fortune Cookie