Collie Health Foundation Grants Overview

Since the inception of the Collie Health Foundation, over $1,079,901 has been given in support of various Collie and canine health related grants. CHF’s support of research has led to development of commercial tests for Collie Eye Anomaly, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, MDR-1 drug sensitivity, and gray Collie syndrome and a risk assessment test for Dermatomyositis. Priority projects solicited are for bloat, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders, and cancer but all projects benefiting Collie health are considered.

Continuing to Expand

The CHF continues to expand it’s Grants to include subsidies to members for DNA testing. The rebate for Progressive Retinal Atrophy ($50) continues. Additional support for DNA testing has been added to include Collie Eye Anomaly ($50), Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR1) ($20) and Cyclic Neutropenia ($50). In 2016, the CHF voted to ad a rebate for the Dermatomyositis (DMS) Risk Assessment Test.  Today Clemson has worked with OptiGen and VetGen to make the test more affordable and CHF currently rebates $65 per test  More information on these subsidies can be found by going to the Announcements page.

Engaging with AKC CHF and Morris

The CHF has also engaged the AKC Canine Health Foundation and Morris Animal Foundation in search of projects that would benefit the Collie.
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The Grants Committee functions as a gatherer and screener of prospective grants for submission to the board. The Committee is chaired by Nancy Kelso, DVM and includes William Brokken, MD,  Terry Peters, D.V.M., ACVP, Sue Floyd, DVM, Michael Esch, HIldy Morgan, Krista Hansen, Ginny White and Jenny Satyavelu as secretary to committee. The Grants review and award process operates on an annual cycle.

To apply for research grants, contact Dr. Nancy Kelso at

The Collie Health Foundation also funds education grants to clubs in support of seminars promoting Collie Health. Grants up to $500 for speaker’s fees and expenses are awarded on an individual basis. To apply for research grants, contact Pam Cockrell at or Dr. Nancy Kelso at

Collie Health Foundation Past Grants

Since the inception of the Collie Health Foundation, it has been our collective goal, really a dream of doing all we can to make the Collie breed as healthy as humanly possible. To that end, we have spent over a million dollars to fund grants to researchers studying Illnesses and diseases that affect Collies specifically and dogs in general. The research we fund, and have funded may one day, even benefit humans.

We continue to strive to raise the funds needed to cover grants that will, hopefully help us accomplish so much more. To see what we have donated in the past and the health issues they represent, click on the diseases on the right.