Autoimmune Disease

2021 – AKC CHF 02921-MOU, $48,245. Transcriptome Profiling of Canine Familial Dermatomyositis Skin Lesions and Treatment With a JAK Inhibitor Identifies Novel Pathways Involved In Pathogenesis. Dr. Frane Banovic, University of Georgia.

2017 – $41,931 Dr. Leigh Anne Clark, Clemson University, Looking for the 4th Locus Impacting Dermatomyositis Phenotype in Collies

2015 – To continue the work on the genetics of dermatomyositis by Dr. Leigh Anne Clark of Clemson University in the amount of $30,819.

2014 – Pilot Trial of Autogenious Stem Cell Treatment of Dermatomyositis – Tufts Dr. Ferrer $18,000

2012 – Apsosis-Not Just Nucleated Cells: The Contribution of Programmed Cell Death to Red Cell Destruction in Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (AKC CHF) $1,000

2010 – $119,978 Collie whole-genome sequence and genome-wide association studies Assemble full-genome, high-resolution sequence data using pooled DNA from genetically diverse Collies. Completely sequencing the Collie genome will allow for the identification of DNA sequence variations and other polymorphisms that make the breed unique. Leigh Anne Clark, PhD, Clemson University

2006 – $20,000 Dr. Keith Murphy, Texas A&M Univ • Analysis for Linkage Disequilibrium with Dermatomyositis of the Collie $45,000 With AKCCHF, Grant #792: Dermatomyositis in the Collie Dr. Leigh Anne Clark, Texas A & M University. Propose to collect DNA from affected Collies and family members for use in linkage studies. Our goal is to identify a marker, or markers, that can be used by breeders to identify dogs that are predisposed to develop DM. We also aim to identify the gene(s) that may be causative for DM.

2005 – $20,700 Texas A&M Univ • Gene Expression Profile of Dermatomyositis in the Shetland Sheepdog $20,700

2004 – $1,749 With AKCCHF, Texas A&M Univ • Background Information study for Future development of a Molecular Genetics Study in Collie and Shetland Sheepdogs with Dermatomyositis

2001 – $6,500 Dr. Christine Rees, Texas A&M • Isolation of DNA from Blood Samples in Normal Collies and Collies with Dermatomyositis

1999 – $9,000 Dr. Harm HogenEsch, Purdue Unversity • Dermatomyositis | $3,000 Drs Rees and Boothe,Texas A&M • Pentoxifylline

1998 – $5,000 Dr. Patrick Venta, Michigan State University • DM (gene study)

1997 – $11,176 Drs. Snyder, Reberg & Glickman, Purdue University • DM | $5,500 Drs. Rees and Boothe, Texas A&M University • Pentoxifyllin (DM treatment drug)

1996 – $11,000 Drs. Snyder, Reberg & Glickman, Purdue University • DM | $5,000 Drs. Rees and Boothe, TX A & M • Pentoxifylline (Dermatomyositis drug)