2020 – AKC CHF 02739-A, $7,500. Role of Putative Tumor Suppressor Gene SETD2 in Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. Dr. Bonnie Harrington, Michigan State University.

2020– AKC CHF 02768, $4,500. Defining the Functional Consequences and Therapeutic Vulnerability of Dystrophin Alterations in Canine Osteosarcoma. Dr. Cheryl London, Tufts University.

2020 – AKC CHF 02772, $7,500. Identifying Early Stage Ultra-Rare Mutations as Predictive Biomarkers of Lymphoma. Dr. Daniel Promislow, University of Washington.

2020 – AKC CHF 02783, $6,000. Transcriptional Profiling of Canine Soft Tissue Sarcoma. Dr. Andrew Miller, Cornell University.

2018 – AKC CHF 10283, $50,000. AKC Canine Health Foundation. Hemangioma Initiative, Champion Sponsor .

2018 – AKC CHF 02217, $2,000. Novel Mechanism to Regulate Growth of Canine Hemangioma. Dr. Erin Dickerson, University of Minnesota.

2018 – AKC CHF 02234-MOU, $2,000. Novel Approach to Prevention of Hemangioma. Dr. Jaime Modiano, University of Minnesota.

2018 – AKC CHF 01418, $2,000. Providing Engineered T-Cells (PET) and New Genetics and Immunotherapy for B-Cell Lymphoma. Dr. Heather Wilson, Cornell University.

2018 – AKC CHF 02309-T, $2,000. Targeting the Cancer Epigenome – the Effect of HLM Inhibition on B-Cell Lymphoma. Dr. Angela McCleary-Wheeler, University of Missouri.

2018 – AKC CHF 02316, $2,000. Genetic Risk Factors of Canine T-Zone Lymphoma. Dr. Anne Avery, Colorado State University.

2018 – AKC CHF 02487, $5,000. OX40 Targeted Antibodies for Cancer Immunotherapy. Dr. Steven Dow, Colorado State University.

2018 – AKC CHF 02502, $8,000. Precision Medicine For Lymphoma. Dr. Nicole Mason, University of Pennsylvania.

2016 – AKC CHF 02237-A, $1,000. Capturing Tumor Cells and Developing Test For Counting Tumor Cells to Diagnose Cancer and Metastasis. Dr. Tracy Skokol, Cornell University2012 – Isolation and Characterization of Tumor Initiating Cells in Canine Osteosarcoma Cell Lines (AKC CHF) $1,000

2008 – $2,500 AKC/CHF Grant #1113 – Dr. Timothy D. O’Brien, DVM, PhD – Univ of Minnesota – Canine Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: Characterization and Prognostic Value of Cancer Stem Cells Amount: $150,071.40 | $2,500 AKC/CHF Grant #1139 – Dr. Nicola Mason, BVetMed, DACVIM, PhD – Univ of Penn – Immune Targeting of Canine Hemangiosarcoma Using a Canine Derived Single Chain Antibody Approach Amount: $123,125.40

2006 – $1,700 With AKC CHF Grant 652: William Kisseberth, DVM, PhD, Ohio State University • MicroRNAs and Canine Lymphoma | $5,000 With AKC CHF #615B, North Carolina State University • Heritable and Sporadic Genetic Lesions in Canine Lymphoma Two years

2005 – $5,000 With AKC CHF, Auburn University • Investigation of Predicators of Outcome for Canine Mast Cell Tumors | $2,500 With AKC CHF, Cornell University • Anti-HLA-DR Antibody Therapy in Canine B-Cell Lymphoma: Preliminary Clinical Evaluation

2004 – $2,500 With AKC CHF, University of Wisconsin • An Investigation into Combined Molecular Approaches to Treat Hemangiosarcoma | $5,000 With AKCCHF, Ohio State University • Oligonucleotide Microarray Gene Expression Profiling of Canine Lymphoma

2003 – $10,000 With AKC CHF: Matthew Breen, PhD, at North Carolina State University, “Cellular Genomics – A Cytogenetic Investigation of Canine Soft Tissue Sarcomas”

2002 – $9,800 With AKC CHF • Identification of Characterization of Genetic Mutation in Canine Cell Tumors