MDR1 $25,952

MDR1 $25,9522017-09-01T15:16:27+00:00

2004 – $10,694 Washington State University, Comparison of the Hypothalamicpituitary-adrenal response in MDR1 Collies
2003 – $14,718 Dr.Katrina Mealey, WA State Univ • What drugs in addition to Ivermectin can cause a problem for Collies with the MDR1 mutation?
1989 – $540 Stephen Greene, WA • Effect of Diazepam

Collie Health Foundation

The Collie Health Foundation’s mission is to fund research medical projects that will benefit the future health of the Collie, and to educate the public and Collie breeders about health issues.

Collie Health Foundation Name

On December 17, 2002 the organization changed it’s name from the Collie Club of America Foundation to the Collie Health Foundation in order to give the Foundation a unique identity separate from the Collie Club of America and more clearly represent our mission.

Collie Health Foundation Logo

Our new logo was generously donated by Diana Hiesilieu. There is a story behind this new logo, a story about a Collie we bred and had the extreme privilege of knowing – A Collie by the name of Noah…Read More!