Health Test: MDR1*

Description: Sensitivity to certain drugs, including ivermectin, which can cause severe reactions or death in some collies.

***Only use this test for Collies who are pets and rescues. Breeding animals should use Optimal Selection™ panel only***

Testing organization: Washington State University/Vetmed

Regular Price: $60 when ordered online. Valid for 2022

No additional subsidies will be offered in 2022.

If you are a breeder please use the Optimal SelectionTest which will give you many more genetic health results than just MDR1 test. Wisdom Health, Optimal Selection, has acquired a license from WSU to run MDR1 on their panel.

Method and Test Ordering Instructions: Order directly from Washington State University at the following link:

Sample options (selected at order submission): Blood sample or Cheek brush swab. (Swabs provided by WSU if that option is chosen)

For additional help please email: