Collie Health Foundation 2020 Tests and Studies

Prices and CHF Member Subsidies

As ethical collie breeders, you will want to take advantage of the health tests and be involved in ongoing studies that can be done for collies you want to breed so that you can be sure that the dogs you produce have the best chance at a long, happy life. These tests and studies are currently available.

For reimbursement (current CHF members ONLY!), submit your paid receipt for OFA/PennHip registration for hips and elbows to the CHF Assistant Treasurer, For Optimal Selection, DMS, PRA and MDR1 (done through Washington State)  you must request a 1 time use code or link.  Subsidies are available as noted to the right under the individual disease; CHF does not give subsidies for tests done through other testing agencies, even if for a health issue listed here.  NOTE: SUBSIDIES ARE FOR PUREBRED ROUGH AND SMOOTH COLLIES ONLY AND FOR COLLIES OWNED BY CHF MEMBERS.  THERE IS A 30 DAY WAIT PERIOD FOR NEW MEMBERS.

* Required for AKC Breeder of Merit