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Optimal Selection Panel: $130 less a 20% discount negotiated by CHF with Wisdom Health and $40.00 subsidy from CHF. Total discounted price for members with subsidy = $65.00 Valid to 12/31/23.

To learn more about the Wisdom Health Optimal Selection panel and how to take advantage of the CHF discount, please follow this link: Optimal Selection Panel Test.

UPDATE JULY 2023 – Dermatomyositis* : Wisdom Health has discontinued individual test offerings including those for dermatomyositis (DMS). DMS loci A and B are now included in the Optimal Selection panel. The CHF is diligently looking for new labs to take up the whole DMS test with A, B and C loci.

UPDATE AUGUST 2023 – Progressive Retinal Atrophy – rcd2*: The Collie Health Foundation has formed a new partnership with the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory to run PRA-rcd2 testing! See details here.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2023 – CHIC Certification: The Collie Health Foundation has voted to subsidize the submission of the three DNA tests required by the Collie Club of America for CHIC certification, up to a value of $30. Read more about this new subsidy here!

CHF does not give subsidies for tests done through other testing agencies,
even if for a health issue listed here.

Stay tuned for special news in 2024!!

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