OFA Submission by Mail

For submission by mail, go to https://ofa.org/applications/ and select “DNA Based Genetic Disease.” You can choose to download a blank form, or fill forms online for 1-10 dogs.

If you chose “Just download blank form(s)” a PDF file download will start for the “Application for DNA Based Genetic Database” form. Fill out the form legibly with your dog and your information.

If you chose to fill out online for 2 to 10 dogs, OFA will bring you to an online form where you can enter your and your dogs’ information electronically. The orange “Download PDF form” button at the bottom of the page will then start a download for all completed forms for all dogs entered. For over 10 dogs, a spreadsheet is available that will need to be uploaded for the dogs’ information to be added. Using this tool, a filled-out form will be automatically generated all pages will be aggregated into one PDF file. This system saves time repetitively writing dog and owner information and makes forms unambiguously legible.

After filling out and downloading the forms, they will need to be printed and sent to OFA by mail with the DNA test results from the testing laboratory and appropriate submission fees.