OFA Submission – ONLINE

Online submission through OFA online (https://online.ofa.org/login/) is straightforward and rapid. After login, the “Owner” homepage shows many different tools, including upcoming health clinics, OFA records, recommended tests by breed, etc. The “handbook” button on the left side menu also has explanations on how to navigate OFA Online and submit test results.

Clicking “Create new application” brings up a form asking for information on the dog. This is searchable by AKC number or registered name if you have previously submitted results to OFA. Below this form are three choices: “Online Exams” are rare, and only apply if vets participate in OFA online. The other test, Respiratory Function Grading System or RFGS, is for brachycephalic breeds and does not apply to collies. Meanwhile, the third choice, “Radiographic Studies,” is not yet available.

The middle option, “All other non-radiographic OFA applications,” is the correct choice for submitting DNA testing results as well as completed CAER exams (with paper forms), Cardiac exams, etc. Once clicked, you can choose the type of test you are submitting from the list.

Clicking “Completed DNA Results” brings up a list of testing laboratories whose results are accepted by OFA. Choosing a lab will then bring up the tests offered by said lab. If the test or testing laboratory you are submitting is not listed, “unlisted” options are available. The test date and report number is also required for submission. If testing with Wisdom Panel, these are available at the top of the first page of the downloadable technical report. Attach the downloaded report(s) to your application by clicking the orange button, then click save. This will complete the application.

Going back to the homepage, you will now have an unsubmitted application under the “Current Applications” menu. You can still edit or add files to this application at this point. Once you are ready to submit to OFA, choose the “Submit completed applications to OFA” button on the homepage will bring you to the submission system. Check the box under the “Submit” column next to each case you want to submit. After clicking “Continue”, review the summary of submissions and charges. NOTE: Charges are an estimate and not final until processed at OFA to allow for review and accuracy. Type your name as the owner or authorized representative and enter payment details before finally clicking “Submit to OFA”. Congratulations, your DNA results have been successfully submitted! Your OFA certificates will be mailed to you directly at the email address you provided when you signed up for OFA online.