Test Name: PRA-rcd2

Description: An abnormal development (dysplasia) of the rods and cones (the light sensitive cells in the eye) that leads to an early onset of night blindness that is typically apparent by the time pups are 6 weeks of age. In most cases, the rcd2 affected dog is completely blind by the time it is 1 year old. Some Collies have late onset PRA which may start any time after 4 years old.

Testing organization: Wisdom Health

Regular Price: $130 less a 15% discount offered by Wisdom Health negotiated by CHF.
Valid through 12/31/2023

No additional subsidies will be offered at this time.

Method and Test Ordering Instructions: Oral cheek swab

Tests will be ordered directly from Wisdom Panel and then you will notify us of your PRA test order to receive your 15% refund.

Swab kits should be on hand before ordering these tests to ensure items are on hand before ordering. CHF is selling these at our cost after mailing. Order from CHF at https://www.colliehealth.org/product/chf-swab-kits/ One kit is needed for each dog for each test ordered.

Test ordering process:

  • CHF members will order the rcd2-PRA and/or DMS test(s) directly from Wisdom Health at the following site: https://breeder.wisdompanel.com/
  • After clicking on the link above choose Collie from the drop down menu to see the recommended tests – Both DMS and Rod Cone Dysplasia 2 (rcd2 PRA) tests are listed
  • Choose the test to order by clicking the small box to the left of the test (a checkmark should appear). Choose both if ordering both tests. Once the tests are selected click the “Check- Out” button to advance to the next screen
  • Enter the dog information requested and click the continue to Payment button to advance to the next screen and Complete Your Order
  • This section will summarize the ordered test(s) and ask you to enter your owner information and payment information. BE SURE TO ENTER THE EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTLY to receive collection and shipping Click “Place Order”
  • You will receive a summary order page with the option of ordering tests for an additional Be sure to make copies of relevant information to request discount refund.
  • You should receive an email with instructions to collect, process, and ship samples. Results should be available from the lab within 2-3 weeks after the sample arrives at the lab

To receive your refunds notify us of your PRA and DMS test(s) using the form below. Refunds will be made after CHF membership is confirmed.

For additional help please email: testing@colliehealth.org


Enter the number of DMS and or PRA tests ordered: