Collie Club of America Foundation
President’s Trophy

The CHF President’s Award is given annually to a member who has delivered outstanding service to the Collie through a commitment to the Health Foundation.  The names on the plaques are a who’s who of Foundation contributors and the award can only be won once in a lifetime.

Presented in appreciation of those who made the Foundation possible
Ralph L. Rickenbaugh, Harold W. Sundstrom, Sarak K. Myers and Alexander F. Draper

2019 President’s Trophy Winner

The President’s Trophy was first awarded in 1988. The trophy is a one-of-a-kind bronze sculpture of a Rough Collie herding ducks and is titled “Poetry in Motion”. The tradition of this award is that it’s only given once in a lifetime to an individual. The original wording states that the trophy is awarded annually “to the Foundation member or members, who in the opinion of the President, contributed with outstanding professionalism and dedication to further the goals of the Foundation”. Over the years, most of the people that have received this coveted award have become part of the bedrock ensuring the continuation and advancement of the Collie Health Foundation. Some volunteers work tirelessly in the background never expecting anything. This member is one of those people.

Our awardee for 2019 has been committed to the Collie Breed from childhood. The footprint left in the Collie world has already been set in cement, never to be washed away. This is a person I’ve always looked up to and asked for advice, especially when I took over as President four years ago. A breeder, exhibitor, and a renowned judge, the award recipient has always had the Collie’s best interest in mind.

Growing up in Minnesota he was Salutatorian of his high school class and then earned his BS and MD from the University of Minnesota. After finishing his internship at San Diego General Hospital, he became a Lieutenant in the US Navy and served in Guam in 1966 and 1967 treating servicemen and women. He returned to Minnesota, serving a three-year residency at the Mayo Clinic and went on to practice Dermatology. He moved to Santa Barbara in 1980 where he now resides. A family man with three children and two grandchildren, the Collie was a huge part of their lives too.

This year’s winner became a Corporator and served on the Board starting in 1998. At the same time, he started serving on the Grants committee and he is still serving today. With his wit, our winner was a big hit as the auctioneer at the 1991 CHF banquet and auction raising over $4,000. Our awardee has served CHF for 22 years in his current capacity, while he found time to breed more than 40 champions and grand champions, judge the CCA National four times, and serve as President of the Quarter Century Group for 10 years.

This year’s deserving winner is one of my lifelong friends, William K Brokken, MD, Foremost Collies. Please let Bill know how much we appreciate his lifetime dedication to the Collie!

History of the award and its recipients1987 – 2019
1987 Dana Rodman
1988 Collie Club of America
1989 John Honig
1990 Cindy Alvarado
1991 Helen Denton
1992 Nancy Simmons Morales
1993 Hilda Rickenbaugh
1994 Helga Kane
1995 Heidi Mendez
1996 Pati Merrill
1997 Nancy McDonald
1998 Gayle Kaye
1999 Krista Hansen
2000 Peggy Darington
2001 Cindi Bossart
2002 Steve & Robette Johns
2003 Lori Montero
2004 Gerrie Oliver and Sunnybank Gathering Committee
2005 Laura LaBounty
2006 Jeanne Marre
2007 Norman Markese
2008 Nancy Van Note
2009 Brenda Walker & Pat Rosenbaum
2010 Barbara Cleek
2011 Nancy Kelso, DVM
2012 Mary Hunter
2013 Michele Brane
2014 Chandra Flaim
2015 Ginny White
2016 David Hansen, DVM
2017 Gail Currie
2018 Rayleen Hendrix
2019 William K Brokken, MD