Collie Club of America Foundation
President’s Trophy

The CHF President’s Award is given annually to a member who has delivered outstanding service to the Collie through a commitment to the Health Foundation.  The names on the plaques are a who’s who of Foundation contributors and the award can only be won once in a lifetime.

Presented in appreciation of those who made the Foundation possible
Ralph L. Rickenbaugh, Harold W. Sundstrom, Sarak K. Myers and Alexander F. Draper

2018 President’s Trophy Winner

The President’s Trophy was first given in 1987.  This award is only given once in a lifetime to an individual.  The tradition is to award this trophy to someone who has shown a sincere dedication in volunteering and the desire to protect and serve the Foundation.  Over the years, most of the people that have received this coveted award have become part of the bedrock ensuring the continuation and advancement of the Collie Health Foundation.   They have become icons in our Foundation.  This year’s winner is no different.

The winner of this year’s award had been indispensable to the Collie Health Foundation as long as I can remember.   Always willing to pitch in and willing to help, my winner was creative about ways to help raise funds for the Foundation.  In the middle nineties, knowing how Collie people loved to get together, this person decided to create a yearly event where people could get together, see old friends, and make new friends.  There were seminars on things like grooming, handling and genetics.  I’m going to read from our past CHF’s presidents Pati Merrill’s recollection of that time and our winner that started in a church camp:

“It was an inspiration for things to come.  We would sit outside with our chairs pulled in a circle and talk dogs.  This is where we realized our dogs had sensitivities to certain drugs. Someone would start talking about their dog’s reaction and it would end with everyone either telling about their dog and Imodium or their friends’ dog with HeartGard.  We had no idea; this was an eye opener.  There were questions that would lead into grants.”

The event was held in Birmingham for several years.  It was a great success and ½ the profits were given to CHF.  She used her photographic talents to hold a seminar for those who came.  It was a delightful time.  We held the event and ate together in a main dining hall, some slept in old, old motel rooms at the campground.  The dogs slept in the “church” and the show was held there also.  It was fabulous!”

I called Pati when I had decided on this year’s winner.  I knew Pati knew more about this year’s winner than even I did.  As to the event Pati is referring to it was called “Getting to Know You”.   I was lucky enough to go many times.  I enjoyed the ice cream socials after dinner on Saturday night.  I looked forward it every year until I left the South.

My winner has helped run our silent auctions for more years than I can remember. She helped at every night auction she attended.  I asked her in January to run 1 day of silent auctions for me.  She of course said yes.  The thing is, she may be on our volunteer list for just one day, but she is around everyday to help.

I want to finish with Pati’s last paragraph because I couldn’t say it any better:

A few years ago, she had a long year of medical issues and forgot to send in her “I agree to run” card, she wasn’t on the ballot, so she wasn’t elected as a Corporator.  Did it stop her! Heck no!  She volunteered for even more time.  We love you Rayleen!  You love the Collie and work so hard to make life better for our beloved breed!”

Let’s hear it for this year’s winner Rayleen Hendrix!

History of the award and its recipients1987 – 2018
1987 Dana Rodman
1988 Collie Club of America
1989 John Honig
1990 Cindy Alvarado
1991 Helen Denton
1992 Nancy Simmons Morales
1993 Hilda Rickenbaugh
1994 Helga Kane
1995 Heidi Mendez
1996 Pati Merrill
1997 Nancy McDonald
1998 Gayle Kaye
1999 Krista Hansen
2000 Peggy Darington
2001 Cindi Bossart
2002 Steve & Robette Johns
2003 Lori Montero
2004 Gerrie Oliver and Sunnybank Gathering Committee
2005 Laura LaBounty
2006 Jeanne Marre
2007 Norman Markese
2008 Nancy Van Note
2009 Brenda Walker & Pat Rosenbaum
2010 Barbara Cleek
2011 Nancy Kelso, DVM
2012 Mary Hunter
2013 Michele Brane
2014 Chandra Flaim
2015 Ginny White
2016 David Hansen, DVM
2017 Gail Currie
2018 Rayleen Hendrix