Sunnybank Pedigrees!

There is good news for those of us who were born too late to have a Collie from Albert Payson Terhune. The Sunnybank Collies are alive and well. Across the country they are winning in the show ring, romping with kids, producing the next generation of champions, and giving their owners the kind of love and loyalty that Treve and Gray Dawn once gave their master.

How is this possible … ?

Over the decades, the Sunnybank influence has spread through almost every show-bred family in the United States. An extraordinary number of these top sires and dams have Sunnybank blood. With few exceptions the greatest of our current Collies trace back to Ch. Sunnybank Thane, the greatest of Bert’s dogs.

– from “His Dogs” by Kristina @ [1825168562:Krissy Marshall]

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