DNA Swab Kits – 2 Sterile Swabs – Labeled envelope – Collection instructions – Includes Shipping

These swabs are for tests not available on the Optimal Selection™ Panel. You will need to order swabs for all Dermatomyositis (DMS) & PRA rcd2.

The Collie Health Foundation has put together swab kits that include two sterile swabs and instructions on DNA collection from MARS, Wisdom Health. The envelope includes a label to fill in for each dog that is being tested. One kit tests one dog. For additional information email Isabel Ososki at testing@colliehealth.org

These swabs cannot be use for Optimal Selection ™ testing. Wisdom Health will send you encoded swabs.

Please note: For Canadian or overseas orders please email shipments@colliehealth.org to order. Include the number of kits you wish to order and your postal mailing address. An invoice will be emailed to you.