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The Gathering is held the third weekend in August at the “mecca” of Colliedom, Sunnybank, in Wayne, New Jersey.  Sunnybank was the home of Albert Payson Terhune, renowned dog writer, Collie breeder, and owner.  This magical place, Sunnybank, served as the setting for many of his famous dog stories.  Unfortunately, the Sunnybank house was demolished in 1969, but nine acres of the property remain for the public to enjoy.  Here you can see the  graves of the Lad, Bruce,  and Jean, as well as the graves of the other Collie greats like Wolf, Fair Ellen, Treve, and Gray Dawn at Champion Rock.  Stop by the old puppy run, and relax as the Master and Mistress did in years gone by at the Lily Pool.  The most loved of any of the Collie Health Foundation sponsored events bring fans of the Master and Collie fanciers from all over the world.  Now managed for over 20 years by our own Madam of Sunnybank, Gerrie Oliver.  The first day is devoted to the Sunnybank story, Albert and Anice, and of course the Sunnybank Collies.  Speakers bring the past back to life and the breeze brings us to understand the magic that is Sunnybank.  Saturday afternoon may be devoted to clinics, a rescue parade, lectures, or even a Gray Dawn elephant match!  The “Madam” hosts a wonderful dinner for all of her friends that is part of this glorious weekend.   The Madam has a special cake each year to fit the occasion, it is always beautiful, but hurry to get a picture!  Then it is off to bed to be fresh for Sunday’s activities.  Sunday brings us the “Virtues Match”, the Lad memorial Match and so much more.  There are silent auctions, premium items with the theme of this years’ Gathering, and promotional items from CHF, plus exciting live auctions each day.  Come join us, and hear the trumpeting barks of Collies that fill the air over Sunnybank once again.

2020 Hindsight: A look Back at Bruce

AUGUST 15 & 16, 2020

The 24th Annual Gathering

The Gathering has been canceled but…….


Sunnybank Day Saturday

Sunnybank Walking Tours
Sunnybank Talks
Live Stream Jewelry Drawing!

Collie Day Sunday

Collie Memorial Celebration
Puppy Selection Program
Grooming Demo/Head Trim
Live Stream Jewelry Drawing!

In these uncertain times the Collie Health Foundation decided that, for the safety of all concerned, it is necessary to cancel this year’s Gathering at Sunnybank. I hope you can appreciate how difficult it is to make this heartbreaking decision.

Good news, though, is that not everything is cancelled. The Collie Memorial will be videotaped and uploaded to social media so you can hear your dedication read aloud while the bagpiper plays and watch your cards planted on the gentle slope below Champion Rock as always, so please continue to send in your Collie Memorial Celebration at Sunnybank forms.

The Gathering at Sunnybank team is also investigating other ways to share the traditional events online and adding a raffle. Also, “2020 Hindsight: A Look Back at Bruce” souvenirs are being created which will be available for sale on the Collie Health Foundation website soon.

Please stay safe and continue to watch the CHF website and the CHF & TSM Facebook pages for more news!

For more information and the Memorial Card Form, please download the 2020 flyer.

2020 Virtual Gathering Flyer

2020 T-Shirts & Masks are now Available:

Buy Tickets  for Drawing at Sunny Bank through this link:

For More Information: Gerrie Oliver, 60 Columbus Avenue, NJ 07624  (201) 768-1282 –

CHF First Gathering

Rediscovered video of the first Collie Health Foundation Gathering at Sunnybank Terhune Park, Wayne New Jersey in 1997. Claire Leishman donated a large part of her Sunnybank/Terhune collection to the Wayne museum and shares her experiences and history of saving the park. With Marilyn Horowitz and Pati Merrill.