Collie Health Foundation 2023 Tests

As ethical collie breeders, you will want to take advantage of the health tests and be involved in ongoing studies that can be done for collies you want to breed so that you can be sure that the dogs you produce have the best chance at a long, happy life. These tests and studies are currently available.


Discounts and Subsidies

Optimal Selection Panel: $130 less a 20% discount negotiated by CHF with Wisdom Health and $40.00 subsidy from CHF. Total discounted price for members with subsidy = $65.00 Valid to 12/31/23.

To learn more about the Wisdom Health Optimal Selection panel and how to take advantage of the CHF discount, please follow this link: Optimal Selection Panel Test.

UPDATE JULY 2023 – Dermatomyositis* : Wisdom Health has discontinued individual test offerings including those for dermatomyositis (DMS). DMS loci A and B are now included in the Optimal Selection panel. The CHF is diligently looking for new labs to take up the whole DMS test with A, B and C loci.

UPDATE AUGUST 2023 – Progressive Retinal Atrophy – rcd2*: The Collie Health Foundation has formed a new partnership with the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory to run PRA-rcd2 testing! See details here.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2023 – CHIC Certification: The Collie Health Foundation has voted to subsidize the submission of the three DNA tests required by the Collie Club of America for CHIC certification, up to a value of $30. Read more about this new subsidy here!

Information will be provided when we have secured a new site for testing.

CHF does not give subsidies for tests done through other testing agencies, even if for a health issue listed here.

Click here to download 2023 Tests & Prices.

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CHF offers swab kits for cheek swab tests that require nylon bristle cytology brush swabs. This brush is not for Wisdom Health’s full Optimal Selection Panel which requires a special chipped swab. CHF is selling these swabs at our cost plus postage to help keep testing affordable for members. Find these swabs in our shop or at the following link:

Read about CHF Studies!

* Required for AKC Breeder of Merit & CHIC