Test Name: MDR1*

Description: Sensitivity to certain drugs, including ivermectin, which can cause severe reactions or death in some collies.

Testing organization: Washington State University/Vetmed

Regular Price:  $60 a test paid online by credit card.

Rebate: CHF offers a rebate of $20/test to CHF members (request receipt and send to assistanttreas@colliehealth.com). This rebate is in effect until 12/31/19.  If you are a breeder please use the Optimal Selection TM Test which will give you many more genetic health results than just MDR1 test.  Wisdom Health, Optimal Selection, has acquired a license from WSU to run MDR1 on their panel.  NOTE: REBATES ARE FOR ROUGH AND SMOOTH COLLIES ONLY

Method and Test Ordering Instructions: Blood sample or Cheek swab

For information about MDR1 testing: VetMed Ivermectin

For Up to Date Information on the Optimal Selection(tm) panel test please see that tab: