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Test Name:  Optimal Selection (TM) Canine Genetic Breeding Analysis

The Optimal Selection (TM) panel tests for over 180 different genetic health markers, 20 different traits, and genetic diversity.  Most of these tests have nothing to do with our Collie Breed.  The exciting news is that this tests covers 7 health test and traits that are very important for Collies and the people that breed them.  Here are the pertinent tests:

  • MDR1 – MultiDrug Resistance (Licensed by Washington State University – VetMed)
  • CCN – Canine Cyclic Neutropenia – Grey Collie
  • DM – Degenerative Myelopathy
  • CEA – Collie Eye Anomaly –  (MARS purchased OptiGen in 2018 and owns the rights to the testing method)
  • Coat  Trait – Length ( Rough factored Smooth)
  • Color Traits – Color and Patterns including Merle
  • GENETIC DIVERSITY  –  “The Breeders Tool Box”
    •   Diversity of the individual dog tested
    •   Diversity of the overall breed population
    •   Diversity of the overall breed population compared to the diversity of other related breed populations

Testing organization: MARS, Wisdom Health
Regular Price: $129 – Add CEA at 20 Euros or approximately $25 – total $154
Rebate: $90 without CEA – $110 with CEA
Method and Test Ordering Instructions: Oral cheek swab.
Optimal Selection Canin Genetic Breed Analysis


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The Collie Health Foundation’s mission is to fund research medical projects that will benefit the future health of the Collie, and to educate the public and Collie breeders about health issues.

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On December 17, 2002 the organization changed it’s name from the Collie Club of America Foundation to the Collie Health Foundation in order to give the Foundation a unique identity separate from the Collie Club of America and more clearly represent our mission.

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