Test Name: PRA-rcd2

Description: An abnormal development (dysplasia) of the rods and cones (the light sensitive cells in the eye) that leads to an early onset of night blindness that is typically apparent by the time pups are 6 weeks of age. In most cases, the rcd2-Affected dog is completely blind by the time it is 1 year old.  Some Collies have late onset PRA which may start anytime after 5 years old.

Testing organization: OptiGen

Regular Price: $130, or $120 if done at the same time as DMS test from the same sample.

Rebates: Through 12/31/2019, OptiGen has set up a 25% discount for PRA & CEA testing for collies, bringing the cost down to $104 or $96. To receive the OptiGen discount, use the special code “CHF19REF” when you apply for the test. OptiGen set up their discount so that it pops in at the end of your order and is for CHF members only..
CHF offers an additional rebate of $50/test to CHF members. Please send a copy of your test results, you may black out the results, on OptiGen letterhead to assistanttreas@colliehealth.org  NOTE: REBATES ARE FOR ROUGH AND SMOOTH COLLIES, CHF MEMBERS’ COLLIES ONLY

Method and Test Ordering Instructions: Blood sample/cheek swab/semen sample.

CHF has put together swab kits to try to keep testing affordable for all of our members.  CHF is selling these at our cost after mailing.  You will need swabs for all OptiGen Testing.  Here is the link:  https://www.colliehealth.org/product/chf-swab-kits/

For information about PRA testing: OptiGen | Click: Instructions & Information | Click: Sample Collection and Shipping for directions.