UC Davis VGL Collie Health Panel

The Collie Health Foundation has partnered with the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL) to bring together a panel of tests most important to the health and well-being of our Collies and to help advance and improve our breeding programs. This panel includes the following tests:

  • Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA): a recessive mutation affecting the development of the eye.
  • Multidrug Sensitivity (MDR1): a partially dominant disorder affecting the body’s natural barriers against toxins and drugs.
  • Rod-Cone Dysplasia Type 2 (rcd2-PRA, or RCD2): a recessive mutation leading to retinal degeneration and blindness.
  • Cyclic Neutropenia (Grey Collie Syndrome): a recessive mutation affecting the immune system.
  • Dermatomyositis (DMS): an autoimmune disease affecting the skin and muscle. All 3 DMS risk loci (A, B and C) are included in this panel.
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): a recessive mutation that increases the risk of progressive spinal cord degeneration similar to human ALS.

You may learn more about these mutations in our Collie Health 101 section.

A test for Coat Length can also be added to the panel for an additional $25.

VGL provides swabs as part of the cost of these tests and we strongly recommend that you use that option (which is pre-selected on the order form) rather than provide your own swabs. This will prevent any delays in results.

Testing Costs and Member Subsidies

The CHF has approved a $100.00 Subsidy to CHF members for this panel to test their purebred Collies. This Code is for CHF members only. The Code must be added at the time of ordering from VGL to receive the subsidy. The full cost of this panel is $185.00 which brings the subsidized cost to members down to $85.00 and should be reflected in the cart before purchase. You can request your test codes on the form below, or by contacting testing@colliehealth.org.

VGL also offers an option toward the bottom of the order form to have your Collie’s test results sent directly to OFA from UC-Davis for CHIC Certification. We encourage you to click the boxes for the tests you ordered, especially the three CHIC tests (MDR1, rcd2-PRA, and DMS) to automatically send the test results for CHIC certification. It will add $10.00 for each test checked to your total. CHF will reimburse you for the submission cost of the three required CHIC tests up to $30.00 per dog (up to 19 dogs per year). Once you receive your dog’s CHIC certificate you can request reimbursement through the CHF website on our CHIC Certification page. To learn more about CHIC and OFA, see our OFA and CHIC page.


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